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Pedagogy  interactive whiteboard a large, interactive screen that connects a computer and a projector. The projector projects the computer’s desktop onto the screen of the interactive whiteboard. The user can control the computer by using a special pen, finger or another tool to touch the screen of the interactive whiteboard. Normally, interactive whiteboards are fixed on walls. However, Interactive whiteboards are utilized in many various places like in classrooms, in work groups and in training rooms for professional coaching. Interactive whiteboards are the fashionable version of the normal whiteboards utilized in schools.

Presently, learning are going to be most interactive with our state-of-the-art smart interactive whiteboard solution. Our Digital Whiteboard may be a very simple to use tool for teachers and trainers to deliver dynamic and interactive lessons in classrooms.

Our digital interactive whiteboard is loaded with unique smart features which help in delivering the content to the audience within the most progressive manner.

Why our Smart Boards are Better than competitors?

We manufacture  Interactive Whiteboards in India

 Providing 2 Years Warranty. 

Our expertise team deliver training to teachers/users.

Product Overview

  • Made-in India, smart interactive whiteboards
  • Infrared finger-touch sensors with less than 0.5 milli seconds touch response time
  • Chalk-free and environment-friendly classroom
  • metallic frame with ceramic/ non-ceramic writing surface
  • In-built e-content library of more than 13,000 images of subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology
  • Record whatever written on board in pdf, video formats and create study + revision lessons for students
  • Smart in-built features such as smart shapes, smart drawing, smart handwriting recognition
  • Professional drawing features such as maps, geometry diagrams

Available Boards & Classroom Size

82″ – useful for 40 students classroom
85″ – useful for 75 students classroom
96″ – useful for 100 students classroom
102″ – useful for 130 students classroom
(Board Sizes mentioned are diagonal distance in inches)

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